Ads For Advisors: Video #4



One last video, only 4 minutes long, but I discuss the next steps available to anyone who wants to take advantage of my course offerings, one-on-one coaching, or done-of-you Facebook ads services.

Thanks for watching.  Hope you got a lot of value out of the videos!


Here are the options I offer in the video:


  • Ads For Advisors: Facebook Ads Course
  • Ads For Advisors: Copywriting Course
  • Ads For Advisors: Video Creation Course


I will come to your location and spend a day or two with you and your team for:

  • Marketing Training
  • Facebook Ads Training
  • Video Content Creation


Me and my team will handle the whole process for you:

  • Write the copy
  • Create and manage the ads
  • Lead gen funnel creation and management
  • Ongoing consulting and coaching

If you are interested in any f the above, or have questions, just email me at