I am an award-winning producer and director of documentary films. Prior to starting my own company, I spent 4 years as a producer and director at Emergent Order, a creative agency in Austin, TX. I have worked with Academy Award winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, Congressman Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, and brands such as Aston Martin, the Charles Koch Institute, and Mercer.



Many businesses view content as an expense. This is a huge mistake. Content, when produced and deployed strategically in your business, is an asset. It will increase in value over time. It will generate revenue for your business. It will have a real and measurable R.O.I. As you likely have a financial advisor for your retirement portfolio, your content portfolio needs a content marketing advisor. If you decide to work with me on an ongoing basis as your Content Marketing Advisor,  my team and I will serve as:

  • CONSULTANT: After developing your content marketing strategy, I will coach you on an ongoing basis moving forward. We will determine the appropriate content to produce to have the maximum impact and generate the results you want for your brand. I will oversee the content production process, and the implementation of the content marketing strategy.
  • PRODUCER: My team and I will provide the creative and strategic oversight of the content production process, from copywriting to editorial writing, video production and post-production, audio production and post production. 
  • MANAGER: My team and I will manage the entire content marketing process, making adjustments along the way to ensure that we are hitting the metrics we have agreed upon for success.